Event Planning Training Videos

From the Home of Arbor Day to the biggest German celebration around, Otoe County has it all.  Regardless if you want to escape for the weekend or you want plan a family vacation, Otoe County will ensure that your next getaway is a great success.

Goals and Objectives

This video discusses planning an event and how to effectively set your goals and objectives for the event.


When planning an event there are many details that go into setting a realistic budget.


Setting a realistic timeline is sometimes on of the most difficult processes that a person can go through.  This video details how to set a definable timeline that you can follow from start to finish.

Tying It All Together

This video details how you can tie together all of the elements of your event to ensure that it goes off as smooth as possible.


The main goal of hosting any event should be gaining overnight stays for the community you are hosting it in.  Here are some details to strongly encourage overnight stays.