The G.A.R. Memorial Hall was built in 1894 as a meeting place for veterans of the Union Army, but since its restoration and conversion to a museum it contains artifacts and exhibits that feature both sides of the conflict, dedicating it to the memory of both Union and Confederate veterans. The exhibited items include weapons, uniforms, art, medals, and trinkets from the Civil War era. An extensive, multi-year renovation of the museum gallery was completed in March 2021. The main gallery features over 30 new exhibits featuring artifacts and interpretation related to all aspects of the war. For these renovations, the museum was a proud recipient of the 2021 Heritage Hero award from the History Nebraska Foundation. The G.A.R. Memorial Hall is now being maintained so that it may be once again serve as a meeting place, research library, and historical museum.

The Civil War Veterans Museum is dedicated to its mission of preserving the heritage and history of the Civil War and the Grand Army of the Republic through historical exhibits, research materials, and educational programs.