Get out of town and go golfing.  Just down the road in Otoe County Nebraska are five courses that will allow you to stretch your legs. (You’d never use a cart, that’d be lazy.)  The courses range from immaculate and exclusive to small-town nice and perfect for an afternoon with your friends.  The best part is that the location of the courses allows you to get to any of them in under an hour from either Lincoln or Omaha.


So you want to get out of town for the weekend and go golfing.  In Nebraska we all know that golfing the western part of the state is on a lot of people’s bucket lists.  Golfing the west has as lot of upside, it also has one truly spectacular downside.  For most of us it involves a ton of time in the car.  This is the beauty of golfing Otoe County, most of the time you spend driving will be spent in a golf cart.


So really the big question is how do I make this golf excursion into an entire weekend? Well that depends, mostly it depends on how fancy you want to get.  Due to the fact that I recognize that people have different budgets and desires we’ve gone through the truly arduous process of laying a completely foolproof itinerary that will maximize your golfing fun. (Plan not foolproof if Mother Nature decides to be difficult.)


Trip one will take you to Nebraska City first for a morning round at Table Creek.  Table Creek is a 6,253 yard course that features Bent Grass tees and greens set in the rolling hills of Southeast Nebraska. For lunch you can always hit up the clubhouse or make your way into Nebraska City.  After lunch, head out to Wildwood Golf Course to finish up your afternoon.  Wildwood is key to this entire operation because they offer a stay and play in conjunction with Whispering Pines Bed and Breakfast.  This means that after your rounds you can head back to a great place to stay and be sure that you’ll be all fueled up and ready to go for your rounds the next day after they’ve fed you an amazing breakfast.


For day two of this epic adventure head due west from Nebraska City on Highway 2 to Syracuse and the Syracuse Country Club.  It’s a charming little course that starts with a par 4 that goes over and creek and finishes with a 444 yard par 5 that will bring you back to the clubhouse to cool off with your beverage of choice.  When it’s time for lunch head into Syracuse and go to BJ’s.


After lunch you’re on your way to Woodland Hills.  Head west on Hwy 2 again until you get to Hwy 43, head north until you hit C road then take a left and you’ll end up right there.  Woodland Hills is an award-winning course in the Northwest corner of Otoe County and the perfect place to end a weekend of golf.


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