There are a lot of reasons to go to Arbor Day Farms.  They regularly host events that appeal to a wide variety of people.  They have activities suitable for the whole family, and it’s just a beautiful place.  Perhaps the best reason to visit is that Arbor Day Farms offers a unique experience that just isn’t available in one place anywhere else.  It can be a fantastic experience for the whole family that offers the perfect option for sneaky parents.  It allows your kids to have a great time while learning about nature, ecology, and biology.

The Farm features a spectacular 50-foot tree house that allows you to observe what goes on in the canopy of a forest, high above the view that we most often see.  The South Table Creek Trail is a 2/3 mile wood-chipped trail that follows the creek into the heart of the forest.  While a trail that short probably doesn’t excite most ardent hikers it’s absolutely perfect for families with small children.  It’s long enough to get you into the heart of nature but short enough to be manageable for small children.

The Lied Greenhouse gives you a close-up view on how tree seedlings are grown, packaged, and shipped for the Trees for America program.  You even get a tree seedling of your own to take home and plant.

Come out to Arbor Day Farms and have a great afternoon or weekend with the family, while learning about the history of Arbor Day and the importance of trees to our environment.