Sometimes you just need to get away. Sure, everyone wants a big, extravagant vacation, a week on the beach sipping cocktails, hitting the slopes and coming back to a lodge or taking the kids to Disney. These are all wonderful options. For most of us, they’re not an option for a quick weekend getaway. If you need a break from the stress of the work-a-day world, ask yourself what’s really important. Where you go, or who you go with? What so many of us really need is a quick, easy, getaway with the people we love.


The problem with big vacations is that they require planning.  No one decides on a Wednesday that they’re going to Cancun that Friday, it just doesn’t work that way.  You have kids to plan around, work schedules to fit in, sports activities almost every weekend and countless responsibilities.  On the other hand there are a bunch of great places in Otoe County Nebraska that offer an easy way to get away for a night or a weekend.


The Lied Lodge offers a great option for couples and families to get away and explore Arbor Day Farms as well as to take advantage of all the amenities that the hotel has to offer.


For couples looking for something a little more intimate check out Whispering Pines Bed and Breakfast. Whispering Pines is a Victorian farmhouse that was built in 1878 and features four guest rooms in the main house as well as a more secluded option in the renovated barn.


You can relive history but exploring a plethora of history museums in the county.  Some would even say that Otoe County has more history museums per capita than almost anywhere else in the US.


Take the kids to the orchards and let them pick their own apples and learn the details on how Nebraska is home to Arbor Day.


Heck, you could even plan a quick trip out to Otoe County for a weekend of great golf or, depending on the season, some of the best hunting around.  In fact, people from the coasts come to Nebraska every fall for the speculator hunting opportunities that we have to offer.


You don’t always need a big, extravagant vacation, sometimes you just need a getaway. In Otoe County you can find everything you need to relax, recharge, and reconnect with the people you love.


Get away in Otoe County.